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Frequently asked questions:

Why hammocks without a pole?

Anchorage bars are usually used for short hammocks. Hammocks without bars are more stable and can be used in a larger variety of situations. Also our hammocks can be stored in their small pouch, making them easy to carry around and the length of the whole thing insures that your shoulders don’t feel crammed and overburdened.


How can I install my hammock at home?

The first step is finding two anchorage points that are sturdy enough to handle the exercised pressure. So from the word “go” things like: tubing, water pipes, gas pipes or pipelines of any sorts, simple nails in the wall (no matter how sturdy they might seem), furniture, etc, are out of the question. The most reliable way is by mounting conexpand-type screws with anchor bolt hangers in the two desired anchorage points. It is essential that you use walls that are reinforced (concrete); we don’t recommend using brick walls for this. The rings of the anchor bolt hangers are quite small (so you won’t have to worry about it making your walls look ugly), if you don’t mind people noticing them know that it can even double as a hanger when not in use with the hammock.
2. If you want to install a hammock indoors but don’t know how or you just need a little help with it, we might be able to come to your place and install it for you. Even if you don’t have much free space in your house I’m sure we can find a solution.


What is the maximum weight a hammock can hold?

MinorSwing hammocks are made from waterproof nylon-type or microfiber-type material, being able to handle a maximum weight of about 120-140kg static force. The hammocks from the BigSwing and double series are made from thicker fabric materials and have reinforced stitching, thus the maximum weight it can handle increases to 200kg static force.


How do I take care of my hammock?

While they don’t usually need extra care, it’s not indicated to leave them exposed for too long to rain or sunshine. When it’s not being used a hammock lives most happily in its compression bag. Also be careful how you wield sharp object around the hammock, lit cigarettes can also be an enemy of your hammock. The holes caused by them can actually lead to the weakening of the fabric, which in time can cause to even bigger tears that render the hammock unusable. They can be washed manually or you can use a washing machine set to 30-40°C.


What else do I need to know about installing a hammock?

Depending on how you want to install your hammock – in the classical horizontal way or as a swing- you must keep in mind to have a 4 to 6 m free space between the two anchorage points.


Can two people sleep in a hammock?

I always said that it’s pretty hard for two people to be able to sleep in the same hammock… but a lot of people have succeeded! The answer is yes, two people can sit comfortably enough to doze off in a double hammock (they have an extra 1m material in their fabrication).


Can I have sex in a hammock?

Sure, as long as you can find a good position! We suggest you find two branches that are flexible and resistant enough though.


Other questions?

If you have any additional questions or issues of any kind don’t hesitate to contact us!