Since 2010 we are experimenting with different fabrics and textures for the creation of our hammocks, bags and accessories. We are always looking for innovative solutions with the purpose of enhancing your experience with our products. Thus bare in mind that our stock is updated constantly so you can always find new colors or textures present in our store.

For all MinorSwing hammocks and bags the stitching is made with industrial nylon thread, which is typically used in shoes industry. It is highly durable and elastic, so you can enjoy your swing without worries.

Our hammocks are extremely easy to mount and pack: you don’t need to fold anything, just push it little by little until it fits (rope included) in its bag. It will take up only a small space in your backpack or in any other luggage so you won’t have to worry about that.

Here are the existing categories available at this moment so take a look to get an idea of the type of hammock that fits you best.

For more information about the durability of the material, the maximum weight, how to install your hammock or the knots you need to make when installing your hammock please click here.