We sometimes like swinging around with our friends and we assume you do to, so we designed this series of big and heavy-duty hammocks. They are big enough for two or more people. The features that set them apart from other hammocks are its length (3.20m) and the strengthening of the ends by doubling the stitching, thus each end has a triple-stitching, unlike the Firefly and Lightweight hammocks, that have only two (these two types are designed for only one person).

The rope is made out of a material that is pleasant to the touch, having a “rice grain” texture. It can double as a swing too. You can always find new places to mount your hammock, invent new positions and you can just chill with some friends in this hammock. Just be careful what trees you mount your hammock on, because you can hurt them if they are too young and thin.

The hammock has a triple-stitching at its ends, and the strap loops are reinforced.
It’s made out of light cordura fabric, which is full and pleasant to the touch.
The double hammocks can support up to 250kg max.