Marea Hamaceala (The Big Hammocking Experience) is a getaway from everyday routine. It is a few precious hours where we forget about our city life and we get lost under the green canopy of the Central Park. We let ourselves be seduced by the swinging motion of the hammocks in mid-air, we run around bare-footed in the grass, we play with Frisbees, badminton, we tap into our inner equilibrium and learn slacklining. We indulge in the music created by artists who bring their drums, guitars and all kinds of other instruments, we are astonished by the talents of the jugglers so much so that we might even try it ourselves, we eat cotton candy, tell stories or just talk, laugh, lay down on blankets and walk on our hands.
Marea Hamaceala means relaxation, good vibes, having fun, smiling and laughing, recreation, socializing, it means spending quality time with quality people.

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more photos of the event on our facebook page.