Ever since we started playing around with our hammocks taking pictures of our playtime in our favorite hammocking spots has become a must. We also encourage fellow hammock-enthusiasts to send us their pictures of their most savory hammocking spots.

You can slack around

MinorSwing is the pleasant state of being that envelopes you when you are slacking around in a hammock.

You can fly

Playing with our hammocks has reached a whole new level ever since we started using chord to transform our hammocks into swings. That’s when the fun really started.


Bestfest 2011&2012

bestfest-minorswing-hamace (6)
BestFest, the festival that helps you escape for a bit from your hectic life of Bucharest.

Electric Castle 2013

Electric Castle minorswing hamace (1)
Electric Castle, a festival set in the heart of Transylvania with the most beautiful scenery anybody could ask for in this beautiful landscape!

Maguri Outdor Experience 2012

minorswing-hamace-maguri-outdor (8)
MOX (Maguri Outdoor Experience) is a new concept of party/festival that takes place in the beautifully breath-taking 1.200m high altitude.

The Big Hammocking Experience

minorswing-hamace-marea-hamaceala (3)
Marea Hamaceala (The Big Hammocking Experience) is a getaway from everyday routine.


Provocarea Zalmoxe 2012 (The Zalmoxe Challenge)

minorswing-hamac-provocarea (2)
Hundreds of volunteers from Romania, but also from France will become scouts for a week.

Do you want to fly?

minorswing-hamac-vrei sa zbori (6)
To swing just a few meters above the water is awesome, but it’s even more awesome to swing more than 10 meters high in a tree!!!

Children playing in and with hammocks

copii hamac
And if you ever run out of hammocking ideas, you can always steal tips or tricks on how to play with your hammock from children.