Soft Lime

Heavy Duty cordura hammock, best for ropeswing, Triple Stitched+reinforcement strap, Multicolor thread!
2.80/1.50, holds up to 300kg max. 900g
Works great also for camping/trekking/cycling/park/garden.

170.00 lei

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These types of hammocks are suitable for backyards, camping, or when you just go out for a ride with your bike and just decide at some point to chill somewhere outdoors. BigSwing is made out of a very durable material, thoroughly reinforced and with triple-stitching. Besides the standard use of a hammock, which is to basically chill and lye around, this hammock doubles as a swing too. These hammocks can be left outside all year round, damp or cold weather does not weaken their structure.
BigSwing hammocks are sold with 10m of rope (5 m on each end) which lets you play around and experiment with your hammock. If it isn’t enough, and you want to swing harder or install the hammock higher, check out our accessories heading.


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